Students as young as seven learn art and craft, not merely for art's sake, training in focus or dexterity. Working on an art piece for children with moderate to severe autism also means learning to relate with each other, and an adult or a teacher.

Art provides individuals with autism a meaningful outlet for the expression of inner thoughts and emotions through the artwork they produce. It also provides the opportunity for fun, through a creative activity that the individual enjoys. Persons with moderate to severe autism need concerted prompting from the art teachers to draw out their inner thoughts and assist with expressing these thoughts through the works of art.

the exhibition at Bedok LibraryCurious to find out more and view some of the works of art created by students and adult clients at SAAC? Come down to HeARTlanders the Exhibition at Bedok Public Library from 7 to 30 November 2016 to catch a glimpse of what autism is about and to learn how people with autism grow through art.

The project is supported under the National Arts Council Arts and Culture Presentation Grant..

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