Launched by SAAC as part of its Colours Project, the launch marks a first in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) collaboration between SAAC and SilkAir.

"The relationship between SAAC and SilkAir goes back as far as four years ago when our Parent Support Group began equipping families with members with autism to travel together. Then, SilkAir's support of the autism cause started by availing its mock-up cabin for our students and clients to acclimatise to air travel, and their families to practise supporting them in an environment that could pose many sensory challenges," said Mr Dennis Ang, Chief Executive Officer, SAAC.

"Now, four years on, we are once again grateful to SilkAir for their strong belief in giving back to the community and their generosity and compassion in journeying with us and supporting this pilot project for our students and clients, "added Mr Ang"

Pricing and Availability

Windows to My World and Peaceful Waves, measuring 39cm (height) by 35cm (breadth) by 7cm (width), retail at S$25. The bags are available on SilkAir flights and through SilkAir’s SkyShop from now till 28 February 2017. To locate the items on SilkAir’s SkyShop, select “Treats” from the drop-down menu.

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