St. Andrew's Adult Autism Services

St. Andrew’s Adult Autism Services (SAAAS) provides life-long educational and daily living skills programmes and services aimed at preparing adults with autism to lead independent, dignified and meaningful lives in our community.

SAAAS runs the Day Activity Centre (DAC) programmes for youths and adults, aged 19 and beyond, with moderate to severe autism.

DAC Programme

DAC provides training and support in the development of daily living skills, recreational skills, vocational and community living skills. We believe that adults with autism can find meaningful engagement, hope and to some extent work, when they are supported and equipped with these skills. With greater independence and adaptability, we hope that our adult clients are more able to navigate safely in the community and enjoy a better quality of life.

At the DAC, our clients are exposed to functional literacy and mathematics through adult-tailored activities. They are introduced to a wider range of life skills, which incorporate home and community living skills. The expressive potential of each person is nurtured through a programme of art, music, and dance.

Daily, the adults are engaged in physical exercise, which provides for sensory modulation and serves to improve health and fitness as well as tone their muscles and extend their vocabulary of movement skills, which may be severely restricted.

Our programme includes:
— Vocational skills training
— Community integration
— Independent living and personal care skills
— Hydrotherapy and physical wellness
— Co-curricular activities


Never Alone

link to Watch this three-minute video clip to discover some of the challenges faced by parents of adults with moderate to severe autism.


For enquiries about admission to the DAC, please email

Operating Hours

DAC's general hours of service are:

Mondays to Fridays
9.00am to 3.00pm